Senior and Silly Superlatives Announced

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Senior and Silly Superlatives Announced

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The senior superlatives and silly superlatives results are finally in! We released a few names on the show today, and the rest are here.

Previously mentioned Senior Superlatives:

Mr. and Mrs. CHS: Torr Coulthard and Caroline Balmer
Most likely to succeed: Danny Collins and Harper Fuller
Most Creative: Jonathan Murray and Jane Anderson
Best Smile: Joseph Brown and Laney Brown
Best Glow up: Trevor Croft and Nicole Glaser
Best Dressed: Noah Allen-Darden and Caroline Owens

Newly Mentioned Superlatives:

Best Personality: Hunter Price and Autumn Hubbard
Most Flirtatious: Nic Hobbs and Tiffany Croft
Wittiest: Jackson Wayman and Alexa Witt
Cutest Couple: Jimmy Collins and Calissa Porter
Most Athletic: David Dorsey and Anna Renshaw
Most School Spirit: Coy Trotter and Caroline Shaver

Silly Superlatives
Most Likely to be IDed when 30: Jared Holland and Lilly Wright
Most Likely to Skip Graduation: Christian Merkel and Jordan Graig
Worst Driver/Most Car accidents: Ryan Lester and Sydney Herrington
Best Bromance: Connor Suits and Zack Caywood
Best Womance: Sailor Anglin and Liz Goldston
Class Clown: Jalen Hickey and Alyssah Thomas
Cutest Couple that never was: Evan Griffin and Nicole Glaser
Attached at the hip: Grace Martin and Lydia Martin
Biggest Party Animals: Chandler Bullins and Ella Ingram
Best Hair: Zach Bianucci and Madeline Dasher
Teachers’ pets: Cole Shelton and Krista Riad

Congratulations to our seniors!