Jimmy Butler Finally Traded, Saric and Covington Get New Homes

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Jimmy Butler Finally Traded, Saric and Covington Get New Homes

Luke Bixler, Staff

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On Saturday Jimmy Butler was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Philadelphia 76ers. While this is a huge trade, it is not surprising. Ever since the beginning of the season Butler had been begging to be traded. He hated Minnesota and was getting no where with his career. He did have KAT and Andrew Wiggins who are both very high level players with KAT averaging 19 points a game and Wiggins with 17. Even with all these versatile players the plain fact is that the Timberwolves are just bad. Currently they have a record of 4-9 and the 2nd lowest in the western conference. It was only a matter of time before he packed up and left.

Will Butler succeed in Philadelphia?

I think he will. There are many things on the 76ers that will go well with Butler’s skills. One major thing is the the magnificent passing of Ben Simmons. Jimmy Butler has been averaging 21 points a game this season and Jeff Teague averaging 6 assists. While Ben Simmons averages only one more assist than Teague, Simmons floor awareness is like no other in the league. He can pass the ball behind the back while in the air spinning and it will land perfectly in the hands of another player. Considering Butler can score well inside the line Simmons passing will prove to be a very useful tool in his career in Philadelphia.

Another useful weapon will be all star center Joel Embiid. Embiid is phenomenal  in the paint and averages 27 points a game. Butler will have someone to pass to and to just rely on to get the job done. While Towns and Wiggins are good they are not on the level that Embiid is.

Jimmy Butler is a good player and his skills will add a lot of depth to the 6ers team. His scoring abilities will work very well with this team. The sixers top scorer is Joel Embiid right behind him is JJ Redick averaging 10 points less. Butler will add the extra scorer that they have been needing. With your point guard specializing in passing and assists and your center being the high scorer there is a gap for a high scoring point guard. In almost all the elite teams you will find a decently high scoring point guard. Golden State: Curry,  Houston: Harden or Paul, San Antonio: Derozan, you get the point. Butler averaged 21 points in Minnesota but with all the tools on the 76ers I bet that number will go up.

The Sixers future with Butler

Specifically for this season I don’t think that Butler will turn their season around. This may seem contradictory to my previous statements about the depth that Butler will add. Yes he will improve the team but not to the point that some people are expecting. It is not completely out of the picture that they will go to the playoffs but right now chances are looking slim. Their record currently is 8-6. Most of these losses are to teams that make sense, like Toronto and Boston but there are a couple that are extremely worrying. Earlier in the season the sixers lost to Blake Griffin and the Detroit Pistons. A little worrying but the Pistons have not been completely horrible this year. BUT later in  the season they lost to the Brooklyn nets and they didn’t just lose… they got clobbered. The final ended up 122-97. As of November 11th, Philadelphia is the 3rd ranked team in the east and Brooklyn is the 8th. That game should have had the sixers winning handily. A loss that bad to that kind of a team is something I’m not sure Butler can fix.

I’m not saying that a prosperous season is out of the picture I’m just saying its not likely considering the start the sixers have had. Now it could be different in the long run. As Butler gets comfortable with the team over the course of the rest of this year and  the summer don’t be surprised when you see a very dominate team next season. Like I said before I think Simmons passing and Butler’s shooting will end up being extremely valuable to the team when combined. You also have to put into account how long he was at Minnesota and that nothing happened there. I’m not saying that Jimmy Butler has to be Lebron and make a bad team good but at least better. He had two very good players on his team that should have helped him and the Timberwolves excel but that didn’t happen. It could be different at Philadelphia considering the different players but that is something we will have to find out. It will also be interesting to see if Minnesota will get worse, better, or stay the same with losing Butler and gaining the three other players.

In conclusion, this trade comes with many questions as to the futures of the team he left and the team he is joining. Also will he succeed or has he flat lined in his career. These are all questions that no one can answer until we see him in that red white and blue jersey. It will be very interesting to see how he adapts to his new home and how he affects it.