Madden Tournament, Hearts Destroyed by Shooter

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Eli Clayton, known by TrueBoy to competitive Madden players and fans, was a professional Madden player, and he sure was good at it. But Clayton wasn’t planning to travel to Jacksonville to participate in this Madden tournament.

“Had a change of heart”, he wrote in a tweet earlier this week. Then, his friends and fellow competitors were glad he was coming. He was an incredibly positive young man and his joy was contagious, according to his peers. In his last moments, TrueBoy was smiling ear to ear. He was calm and making jokes with his friends. Eli was in his element.

All that joy was taken away with the sound of gunfire eerily caught on the livestream of the tournament on Twitch. In fact, you can see the laser run across the chest of True before becoming still on his heart. If you intend to look the video up, I urge you to proceed with caution. It’s gut wrenching.

Clayton was declared dead soon after the shooting by his friends who made it out safe. Several tweeted in memory of TrueBoy, and spoke on just how unique he was.

Elijah Clayton was 22 years old.

Taylor Robertson, known as SpotMePlzz to competitive Madden players and fans, was also professional and one of the best in the business. He was a family man. A husband and a father. He was a “die-hard” Tennessee Titans fan. In fact, the Titans are planning to honor the humble man in some way after a fan asked them to on Twitter.

He was full of life, and had so much going for him. Many of his friends and competitors took to Twitter to honor him and the man he was. Robertson lived a good life. He lived a life of purpose, and we wish his family well in their grieving and recovery. All that was taken away on Sunday.

Taylor Robertson was 27 years old.

Over 10 other Madden competitors were injured in the gunfire, but near all of them have tweeted and announced that they’re going to make it. One of these is known as “OLarry2k”. Larry’s mother tweeted, “My son was shot 3 times please keep him in your prayers”. Larry is out of surgery and expected to survive.

To the families of these victims, we grieve with you. We hurt with you. This senseless act will not define you.