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Draymond and KD Get Heated After Warriors Loss On Monday

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Draymond and KD Get Heated After Warriors Loss On Monday

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Monday night, at the Warriors- Clippers game, 3 seconds before the end of regulation, Draymond Green rebounded the ball after a Clippers missed shot. He kept the ball as he marched down the court, lost the ball and as the clock wound down to zero, Green was on the floor. This game would be going into overtime at 106-106. Right after the play, Durant went over to Green on the bench and started to scold him on how he should have done the play different. Durant stated that he was open and could have made the shot to win the game. The two had to be separated and calmed down as they went back to play the game. Ultimately, the Warriors lost 121-116.

When looking at the tape, it is easy to see that Durant was open and he could have made the shot. Durant is one of the best players in the league but that kind of shot puts a lot of pressure on one guy and he would have been shooting out of transition. But Draymond being Draymon, he kept the ball thinking he could score but he lost the ball. I don’t know about you but this seems very similar to a finals game last season where J R Smith Kept the ball until the very last second. There were several players around Green that were open enough that he could have passed the ball too. He had Klay Tompson running down the court with him, who earlier this season broke the record for most threes in a game with 14, and is quite reliable when it comes to range shooting. He also had Iguodala right next to him who can be very valuable in the paint. As for Green, hes mostly defense so I really don’t know why he kept the ball. Maybe he had the intent to pass it but just didn’t have enough time or thought he could drive and score.

After the play was over Durant went over to him and was not happy about the descion made by Green. Then Green wasn’t happy about KD attacking him so he exchanged a few words as well. It is rumored that Green told KD “what does it matter its not like you’ll be here next year anyways”. After that the two were separated. Honestly this is not surprising. Both of these players get very passionate and emotional about the game. Especially Draymond with his may incidents ranging from kicking Lebron to almost fighting Tristan Tompson in the finals last season. One of the Golden State players Shaun Livingston said that they are both passionate players and it just happens in a stressful game like that and it is also good to see some fire in them. It is very important that this tension between the two of them doesn’t continue especially since their all star point guard Steph curry is out.

Draymond was suspended last night for the Warriors matchup against inferior Atlanta. Their reasoning was that Green’s behavior has been out of line and it is not good for the teams moral. It was also stated that after the game Green was confronted in the locker room by his team mates where he stood his ground on his decision. His actions in this situation contributed to the suspension as well.

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Draymond and KD Get Heated After Warriors Loss On Monday