Dave and Busters Coming to Hamilton Place Mall

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Everyone knows that the mall in Cleveland is not the best. There are a few good stores with American Eagle and Hibbet’s. In all the mall is not good therefore the citizens are forced to go all the way to Chattanooga to Hamilton Place Mall. While the Bradley Square Mall is not getting any better the Hamilton Place is. But Dave and Busters is now coming to Chattanooga! Its actually quite surprising considering that most Dave and Busters have their own buildings that are quite massive. Now in the mall it will be contained to a small space and it will be interesting to see how they lay the building out.

Construction will begin at the beginning of 2019. Since Dave and Busters are so big I can imagine that it will take a long time to finish. Chattanooga already has a lot to do and this will add a lot of fun to the area around Hamilton place. If you are looking for something fun to do on a random weekend night this is the perfect thing to do. They have full restaurant and a full and very entertaining arcade. It is the perfect place to grab some friends and have a good time. Dave and Busters should bring a big crowd every weekend especially the first few weeks of its opening.

It’s really exciting to see such big companies moving so close to us. Hopefully in the years to come more and more big industries will come to Chattanooga and Cleveland and continue to modernize our city. And who knows maybe something like Dave and Busters will come to Cleveland.